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Voodoo Hypno Soundo

On October 12th 2013 the Doc Foster Band released their 5. studio album, Voodoo Hypno Soundo. The Horns Erben – where they did there tour finale concert – stated as following:

Doc Foster are Leipzig's underground. There's no limit to their kinky self-dramatization. Taste and violence in purest form. Their trippy Voodoo-Hypnotic-Sound will kill you.

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Official & Live Videos

Official & Live Videos

All the videos.

Doc Foster Band Documentary

Doc Foster Band Documentary

1st Season of the Doc Tapes.

Doc Foster BBC Documentary

Doc Foster BBC Documentary

The VisionBakery Trailer.

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Jakob Hummel

It's the strong solo project of Doc Foster Band's Jakob Hummel, whose pop tunes are making you shake'n'dance. For further information and upcoming shows please check his official website: JakobHummel.com. Or stay even closer connected on his Facebook Page. You might wanna check out his new and former releases on Bandcamp, as well.


by Lester Dudit

music video | mockumentary | propaganda

Videogruppe is an established and skilled group of young cineastes, based in Leipzig. Using unusual, analog visual effects, immoderate methods and by non-scheduled processes the group creates unpredictable, but organic, vivid images. The group already worked for artists such as Talking to Turtles, Long Voyage, Jakob Hummel, and of course the Doc Foster Band.

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